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The raptors imagined by Cait Graham were constructed by a group of 16 eager to learn and create students at the University of Texas at Austin led by instructors J.E. Johnson and Karen Maness. The class was divided into four teams, and I had the privilege of being on the structure team. This team consisted of myself and three other students who were in charge of creating the the body of the beasts. We used Rattan, ABS rod, Hiking backpack harnesses, PVC, and so many other materials to create these dinosaurs. After the class ended I continued to assist in repairs and touch ups beside our lovely Raptor Wranglers who were in charge of seeing them through the show. These raptors were full body costumes constructed similarly, however fitted to three different performers. 

The rest of the class consisted of:

Cait Graham

Christina Jansen

Ashton Bennett Murphy

David Hernandez

Xindi Xu

Allegra Thomas

Delena Bradley

Taylor Travis

Vanessa Lopez

Chun Chen

Joey Harrington

Nat Watkins

Samantha Gashette

Justin Liu

Casey Canamar

Raptor Prototype 1
Raptor Prototype 1
Raptor Prototype 2
Raptor Prototype 3
Raptor Prototype 3
Raptor Body Prototype 4
Raptor Tail Prototype 2
Raptor Tail Control Prototype
Raptor Body Complete
Raptor Body Complete
Raptor Being Fitted
Raptors In Action
Raptor Onstage
Raptor Onstage
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